Our three DMSB graduates Dennis Beuting, Franz Boeltzig and Jost Sühwold (from left to right) presented their project work to an interested professional audience at the 46th Milling Conference in Volkach at the end of October. The topic was "New construction of the netting and optimization of cleaning in the Neumühle Skassa". It was met with great approval.

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New lecturers strengthen the pedagogical team at the Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig (DMSB) and accompany the implementation of the new framework guidelines for the two-year technical colleges. These focus more on modular learning and standardised degrees.

At the beginning of the current semester, several new lecturers are taking up their work at the DMSB. The reinforcement of the pedagogical team comes at an ideal time: at the end of the current academic year, teaching will take place...

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This year’s Taster Day was staged on 23/04/2021 as an online-only event for the first time. Two second-year students capably guided participants through the day.

Principal Jörg Gerling and Director of Studies Georg Böttcher welcomed participants and provided a general overview of further education opportunities at DMSB. Former students then gave accounts of their time at DMSB and how their careers progressed after graduation.

Following a short break, participants were taken on a virtual tour...

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All DMSB students set to graduate at the end of the 2020/2021 academic year were again able to sign up companies from the industry to sponsor their projects – despite the corona pandemic.

The results were presented as planned on 11 June 2021, however not at a completely public event as in all previous years, bar 2020, but at an “internal” event attended by the project partners involved, first-year students and teaching staff.

Following last year’s positive experience, this event was again...

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Both DMSB classes were invited to a practical training course at the Bühler Training Center in Uzwil/Switzerland from October 5 to 9. The agenda included interesting stopovers on both the outward and return legs of the trip, as well as three extremely informative and instructive days in Uzwil. The students describe their impressions below.

Monday, October 5, 2020

It was early on a dark, rainy morning when both DMSB classes rendezvoused to set out on their shared adventure. During the first few...

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Despite the corona pandemic, 1 female and 13 male technicians were awarded their graduation diplomas as newly state-certified "mill construction, grain processing and animal feed technology technicians" on July 10.

Of course, the lockdown mid-March took the DMSB completely by surprise and caused serious disruption to tuition schedules, meaning that no face-to-face tuition took place for two weeks prior to the Easter vacation. However, students at the DMSB were given their assignments right from...

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on June 5, 2020 in Braunschweig and online

Because of the pandemic, it was unfortunately not feasible to stage project presentations by this year’s DMSB graduating class in their usual public event format at the ComCenter in Salzdahlumer Strasse. The first phase of the projects, mentored by partner companies, had already been completed ‘before Corona’ and the written reports were drafted by the students in small groups working from home. However, their findings - an integral part of these...

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The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder (KMK) has decided to amend the master agreements governing vocational schools to enable professional titles acquired at these vocational schools to be augmented in future by adding the in-brackets term “Bachelor Professional” plus the name of the specialist discipline. From the 2020/2021 academic year onwards, students graduating from the German Milling School Braunschweig (DMSB) may use the...

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04. May 2020

The current school operations are adversely affected by the corona virus, however with homeschooling and -teaching using messengers and video conferencing, the lessons continue almost on schedule.

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Zwei Klassen der französischen Partnerschule Enilia Ensmic haben uns vom 18.–24. März in Braunschweig besucht. Neben gemeinsamen Unterrichten in der DMSB, standen auch interessante Besuche auf dem Programm.

Das Friedrich Löffler Institut, die Firmen Peter Kölln in Elmshorn und Amandus Kahl in Reinbek sowie die Okermühle Hedwigsburg und die Firma Bühler in Braunschweig öffneten gerne ihre Türen für unsere Gäste. Abgerundet wurde der Besuch durch einen Empfang im Rathaus und eine Stadführung.

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