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Financial aid for Students

There are different possibilities of student funding in Germany. German students may be eligible for financial study aids granted by the federal state of Lower Saxony or by the Federal Government. Furthermore, they may apply for a student loan.

Accommodation service

The secretariat of the DMSB provides you with a list of landlords who regularly rent to miller-students. Furthermore, the students’ union “Glück zu!“ offers eleven furnished rooms for its members.

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Student residence

Important information for prospective students from non-EU countries

You need a residence permit to study at the German Miller School Braunschweig. The temporary residence permit may be granted for the purpose of studying as provided for in the Residence Act (§ 16 section 5).

The provisions of the General Administrative Regulation on the Residence Act include vocational trainings which serve to acquire vocational qualification. In accordance with federal or provincial regulations, the DMSB training is included in these vocational trainings.

When applying for a permit at the German consulate in your home country, be sure to point out the following provisions.

Extract from:
General Administrative Regulation on the Residence (AVwV Residence Act)

“ The purposes of residence according to § 16 section 5 also include a vocational training which does not correspond to academic studies according to § 16 section 1 or to a vocational training as defined in § 17. These types of training include mainly theoretic training which leads to a certified vocational qualification according to federal or provincial regulations. A residence permit can only be issued if the training offered by the educational institution is not directed exclusively at nationals of one particular state. The counties may decide that exceptions to clauses 2 and 3 of the approval apply to the supreme country authority. According to § 2 section 2 point 1 “BeschV”, internships which are part of the vocational training do not require the approval of the Federal Employment Agency”.