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In addition to the two subject areas of mill-construction and grain and feed technology which almost all students choose to study in parallel, the DMSB also offers a number of additional qualifications:


Along with the degree of a state-certified technician, our students automatically obtain the entrance qualification for an advanced technical college. Exact information on regulatory matters will be provided by the student services of the respective universities.


Furthermore, students may take the master craftman’s exam at the “Chamber of Crafts” during their studies. For DMSB students, the “District Craftsmen's Association Braunschweig” offers supplementary preparation courses for part III (economic, commercial and legal examination) and part IV (vocational and work educational examination) of the Master Craftman’s Examination.

A passed final exam at the DMSB will be acknowledged as part II of the Master’s Examination. The practical exam (part I) will be taken at the Chamber of Crafts.

Examination for instructor qualification

Alongside their course, DMSB students can also prepare for the “EXAMINATION FOR INSTRUCTOR QUALIFCATION” at the Chamber of Crafts or Commerce and Industry and obtain the so-called “AdA” certificate (instructor qualification certificate). As a Master Craftman’s Certificate is no longer compulsory in the miller-trade, “certified technicians” holding this AdA certificate are entitle to instruct apprentices also without a Master Craftsman’s Certificate.


The animal feed certificate entitles its holders to manage a compound feed plant provided that they graduated in "process technology" with at least a grade D.

combined programme of in-company training and studies

Since September 2009, the DMSB provides an additional offer which targets specifically A-level holders.

In the four years of a combined programme of in-company training and studies they undergo a condensed vocational training in one of the offered subjects and finally obtain the degree of a "state-certified technician" in milling-related plant engineering. 

Subsequently, the degree of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in business administration can be obtained at the “Welfen Akademie in Braunschweig”.