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The DMSB educates "certified technicians” in the field of "mill construction, grain processing and animal feed technology”. They may specialize in two subject areas, one of which is “milling-related process engineering”. The future managers of manufacturing companies are trained here.

The excellent equipment of the school adds to the thorough education. 3D-enabled CAD computers, laboratories for measurement and automation technology, computer rooms and the "virtual mill" ensure an outstanding, practice-oriented education.


The world is yours: Thanks to the uniquely broad education programme, our graduates work in various fields of milling as well as in all sectors related to

  • grading, sorting and processing,
  • crushing, granulating and pelletizing,
  • separating, metering and mixing.

Thus, a career in all fields of food production, in bulk and storage technology, in the chemical industry and in recycling is open to you. With a degree from the DMSB the choice is yours!

admission requirements

A completed vocational training or a college/university degree as well as one year of practical experience are required. Admissible are journeymen (m/f), technicians (m/f) and engineers (m/f) from the areas of:

  • Milling or food production
  • Agriculture
  • Bakery and confectionery
  • Mill-construction, metal-construction and engineering
  • Mechatronics or construction / drawing

how is the study programme structured?

The study programme covers the refreshment of basic knowledge, specialization and applied subjects. Field trips and guest lectures add to our hands-on approach. Final examinations have to be taken in the four subjects of mathematics, process technologies (milling processes), bakery production processes (cereals and flour analysis/bakery technology) and animal feed production (animal feed/feed technology). An oral examination covering all four subjects may become necessary.


Extracurricular activities such as field trips, exhibitions, seminars, factory visits and the cooperation with public and private research institutions are part of the DMSB programme. At the end of the study period, a project thesis has to be submitted, the projects being assigned by companies and research institutions and thus having immediate practical relevance. The finished thesis will be presented to a professional audience at the DMSB.



What's next?

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