The Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig – an indispensable building block on the path to providing a first-class education

The Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig (DMSB) continues to be the go-to educational institution for future generations of employees at milling-related plant construction companies, milling and feedstuff businesses and related industries. A booster club is essential even for a state or municipal school to ensure that inventory and learning content always keep pace with the latest technology, and to complement public investment cycles.

Through our endeavors and investments, the DMSB is becoming a state-of-the-art training center for managers in the milling, compound feedstuff production and plant engineering sectors that meets all the current needs of the industry.

What does the school’s booster club, the Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig, specifically support?

Speakers and guest lecturers

Industry specialists work as lecturers at the DMSB or provide additional, in-depth support for the teaching of special topics such as pest control, risk management, residue analysis, special cereals storage technology, milling-specific areas of business administration, quality management or laboratory training, etc. Well-known companies such as Bühler AG, Kubota Brabender Technologie GmbH and many more share their know-how with the DMSB and its skilled teaching team

The Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig, as an external education provider, also funds some of the teaching staff to enable additional plant construction and laboratory technology tuition modules to be provided.


In coordination with the school’s management team, the booster club and its members fund purchases of school equipment. In recent years, this has included the purchase of new laboratory equipment, including the digitalization of all dough rheology lab equipment, additions to the IT infrastructure, equipment for the technical center, such as a sifter including pipework and much more. This equipment means that day-to-day training of students at the DMSB remains up to date.

Updating the curriculum

The Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig is involved in the current development of a new curriculum with up-to-date teaching content for the DMSB. In particular, the academic and professional support provided by the WelfenAkademie is funded by the booster club, for example through market research studies.

Advertising activities

The glaring shortage of young professionals necessitates more qualified staff and therefore graduates from the DMSB in the interest of the industries concerned. Advertising and PR activities are actioned in the trade press and now increasingly on social media channels, as well as on the website of the school and the booster club. A special feature is the publication of three high-end brochures focusing on milling, animal feed and plant construction. Furthermore, the DMSB is represented with information booths at various trade fairs or conferences (Detmold / Volkach / Burgstädt / Victam). The funding is provided by the booster club.

Grants for field trips

The booster club enables field trips for further education purposes – e.g. every two years a study visit to the French partner school (ENILIA ENSMIC) with various workshops. The booster club also subsidizes the costs of a return visit by the French school.

Grants for special events

DMSB seminars, e.g. on feedstuff law, an ATEX workshop as well as special events such as the BARCAMP and the annual “Open Day” take place with the financial and organizational assistance of the booster club.

Contractual share of municipal costs for the school

As a result of a modified contract with the city of Braunschweig, the booster club traditionally absorbs a certain share of the city’s costs for the DMSB.

Minimum administrative costs

The booster club’s administrative costs are minimal. This is only possible thanks to numerous non-material sponsors and the many willing hands from the group of supporters and the board of trustees. We say a “heartfelt thank you!” to all financial and non-material supporters for their valuable assistance!nterstützung!

Who supports the Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig?

More than 100 companies involved in milling-related plant construction, milling, compound feedstuff feed production and the supply industry, as well as associations and private individuals are members of the Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig. You too can support the work of the booster club by becoming a member. By doing so, you will ensure a high-caliber education for future generations of millers. Our concern is the advanced training qualification of skilled workers at a very high level. We enable DMSB students to learn in a practically relevant way and actively establish contacts with industry. Our commitment ensures realistic and forward-looking study program content.

How can I become a member of the Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig?

Private individuals can obtain membership starting at 50.00 euros per year. For companies, there is a basic membership starting at 250.00 euros per year with which you can lay good foundations to enable the booster club to be successful. Or you can opt for a premium membership starting at 750 euros or an excellence membership starting at 1,500 euros per year. This way, you sponsor first-class technical equipment for and optimum communication by the DMSB. Membership fees are tax-deductible as donations or business expenses.

Who is in charge of the Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule?

Alexander Schnelle (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
Hans Hofmeir (Deputy Chairman)
Bernhard gr. Austing (Deputy Chairman)
Andreas Kastenmüller (Deputy Chairman)
Dr Josef Rampl (Executive Member of the Board of Trustees)

Michael Kammann (Press and Public Relations)
Anke Dege
Andreas Bolte
Flavio Diaz
Jan Gausepohl
Dr Peter Haarbeck
Markus Löns
Prof. Dr. Werner Sitzmann

Glück zu! (the traditional miller’s greeting)

Yours sincerely
Dr Josef Rampl

Dr. Josef Rampl, General Manager of the booster club

Die stolzen DMSB-Absolventen 2022 vl.n.r.: Jeffrey Freiter, Henrik Wolter, Maren Sting, Frederick Brehop, Steffen Seifert, Markus Bröer, Christoffer Szölösi, Leonard Sökefeld. Nicht im Bild: Piragash Packiyanathan

Michael Kammann, President of the “Glück zu” fraternity

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