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Do you have detailed questions about the specific content of the study program or would you like to find out about the various options for choosing a specialization or funding? Then simply make an appointment for a personal consultation. We are happy to make time for you and answer your personal questions – at the school or by phone. This personal conversation is of course confidential and solutions-focused.


A wide range of financial assistance options

You can apply for the so-called “Aufstiegs-BAföG” (formerly “Meister-BAföG”) at the Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen (NBank) in Hanover. If you are studying full-time, e.g. on the advanced training program at the DMSB, you can, for example, obtain a contribution towards your living expenses here. There is also the “regular” (student) BAföG, or you can bridge the time gap with a student loan.

Find a student apartment or room

The first place to go is the DMSB Secretariat. Here you can find a list of landlords who regularly rent rooms to DMSB students. The “Glück zu!” student fraternity also offers eleven furnished rooms for its members. You can search online at the following sites:

Important information

For students from non-EU countries

You need a residence permit to attend the Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig. This can be based on school enrollment; the relevant basis for this is school attendance, corresponding regulations are set out in the German Residence Act (Section 16 Para. 5).

According to the General Administrative Regulation relating to the Residence Act, this also includes vocational training courses. These courses include advanced training in a predominantly technical theory format that leads to a state-certified vocational qualification in accordance with federal or state regulations.

DMSB qualifications are precisely this kind of advanced training course.

When applying at the German consulate in your home country, you should point out these regulations:

Excerpt from:
General Administrative Regulation relating to the German Residence Act (AVwV-AufenthG).

“ The purposes of residence pursuant to Section 16(5) also include vocational training courses that do not correspond to a study program pursuant to Section 16(1) or in-company training as defined in Section 17. These courses include training in a predominantly technical-theory format that leads to a state-certified vocational qualification in accordance with federal or state regulations. In principle, a residence permit may only be issued, if the training course at the educational institution is not exclusively aimed at nationals of a particular country. The German Länder may stipulate that exceptions to Sentences 2 and 3 are subject to the approval of the supreme federal state authority. Vocational internships that are a prescribed part of the training do not require the approval of the Federal Employment Agency pursuant to Section 2 (2) No. 1 of the Employment Regulation.”

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We are happy to help by phone, in writing and, of course, also on site in a personal consultation.