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We train your leaders of tomorrow

Why should a company send its young employees to the Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig? Quite simply to ensure that it has the skilled professionals and managers it needs tomorrow! The Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig is the world’s only engineering school offering a certified qualification in the disciplines of milling-related process technology and milling-related plant engineering. As “State-Certified Technicians” and “Bachelor Professionals”, DMSB graduates have broad-based knowledge and a whole range of skills that ensure innovation and a secure future.

You retain your employees on your payroll

If you wish, you can simply retain your employees on your payroll. They can work at your company during school vacations and remain employed – an attractive way of preventing a brain drain and providing advanced training specific to your own needs. Less the vacation period, net study time is only about 18 months!

Win-win situation

Your employees continue to receive their salary during their time at the DMSB. They keep their job and know what the future holds. Your company benefits from motivated, well-trained employees with a high level of company loyalty and is positioned in the market as an attractive employer.

This is what the DMSB offers:

  • Broad-based fundamentals relating to cereals and feedstuff technology, as well as plant construction, but also in operations management, employee management and other areas of business management.
  • Training on the latest equipment in our own laboratory
  • Practical relevance through field trips and guest lectures
  • Training by expert lecturers from leading companies
  • Experience gained in a dynamic, committed environment that encourages initiative and builds social skills

Dual Bachelor’s degree program

at the Welfenakademie

In-depth business knowledge is a bonus for some functions. The combination with a Bachelor’s degree at the neighboring WelfenAkademie in Braunschweig is then the right choice. After graduating from the DMSB, the University of Cooperative Education provides the tools for complex planning and management tasks in a dual degree program lasting four semesters.

Are you still undecided?

Are you still undecided or do you need advice? Then let us talk about the future of your employees – in your own interests!

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Successful graduates

The “Glück zu” Student Fraternity

“Glück zu” is a fraternity of students and alumni of the Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig (DMSB), the aim of which is forming lifelong friendships, living and learning together, organizing events and recreational activities – in short, having fun. For these purposes, “Glück zu” runs a fraternity house in Braunschweig, where, among other things, it rents rooms to students at low rates.

“Glück zu” is open to all current, graduating and former students of the DMSB who wish to maintain contacts through this fraternity after they have graduated. The fraternity now has over 700 members worldwide. Putting an intergenerational pact in to practice, the alumni (“Old Men” and “Noble Ladies”) provide this proactive fraternity with both material and non-material support.

Find out more about the “Glück zu” fraternity in MTEC magazine:

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The Booster Club

The Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule e.V. (the school’s booster club) comprises companies and associations from the various industries that provide both non-material and financial support to the DMSB. The members of the booster club are involved in milling-related plant construction, milling, compound feedstuff production, cereals and flour analysis and the supply industry. Individual companies and private individuals that have close links with the DMSB are also members.

The booster club facilitates additional courses and fixed investments that are not covered by public-sector budgets. It also has responsibility for marketing the DMSB. More than 100 companies, associations and private individuals are members of the club, and the trend is clearly upwards. Through its efforts, the booster club helps to ensure that the DMSB remains a state-of-the-art training center for managers in the milling, compound feedstuff production and plant construction sectors, which meets all the current demands of the industry. This means constant modernization.

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