Long title, best chances

“State-certified technician specialising in mill construction, grain and animal feed technology” with a focus on milling- related plant engineering or milling- related process engineering – this title does not simply fit on the business card, but opens many doors.

Prerequisite: completed vocational training

Process technology in the milling and cereals industry or related professions in the food sectorMill construction, mechanical and plant engineeringMechatronics,
technical system planning
Agriculture and related professions in the food and feedstuff sector

DMSB and other possible qualifications

State-certified technician
in mill construction, cereals, and feedstuff technology
In parallel to your studies:
Chamber of Crafts examination or Chamber of Industry and Commerce examination
Bachelor Professional  University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification  Feed Certificate Master miller, instructor aptitude certificate

Opportunities: wherever bulk materials are …

… conveyed, sorted, and processed… crushed, granulated, and pelletized… separated, fed, and mixed

Both disciplines deal with mill construction, grain and animal feed technology as well as interdisciplinary subjects such as German, English, natural sciences, politics, business administration or education. In addition, mill planning, storage and conveying technology are added for plant engineering, and baked goods and compound feed production for process engineering.

Most of the graduates cover both specialisations and take the feed certificate with them at the same time. The latter authorizes the management of a compound feed plant. Those who are also aiming for the Master’s title can also cover the theoretical part II at the same time. The district craftsmen’s association offers corresponding courses for parts III and IV. The examination is held by the Chamber of Crafts Braunschweig. Milling students can also take the instructor’s examination there or at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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