The city that creates knowledge – Science site Braunschweig

From the magazine Wirtschaftswoche: “There is hardly any other region where so many first-class research in- stitutes are concentrated as in Braunschweig”. In fact, around 15,000 people work in research here. 27 institutes and 250 high-tech companies ensure a close network in conjunction with the Technical University and many oth- er educational institutions. These include… Read now

Braunschweig has ingenuity in its blood

Today, Braunschweig is one of Europe’s leading research and development locations, and not just in GDP terms. The following examples of outstanding personalities from the city of Braunschweig show that this is based on a long scientific tradition and a historical spirit of discovery. His likeness should still be familiar to most people from the… Read now

Studying in Braunschweig: in the lion’s den

What is Braunschweig actually like? If you have never been there, you will probably have very few answers to this question, because Lower Saxony’s second-largest city is not exactly world-famous. That is a shame, because it has a lot to offer: over 1000 years of city history that shines through everywhere, exciting employers in the… Read now