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The Förderverein der Deutschen Müllerschule Braunschweig – an indispensable building block on the path to providing a first-class education

The Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig (DMSB) continues to be the go-to educational institution for future generations of employees at milling-related plant construction companies, milling and feedstuff businesses and related industries. A booster club is essential even for a state or municipal school to ensure that inventory and learning content always keep pace with the latest technology, and to complement public investment cycles. Read now

Successful graduation ceremony for DMSB graduates

For this year’s DMSB graduating class, July 8, 2022 was a special day. During the graduation ceremony, one female and eight male graduates received their certificates and decorative diplomas. About 60 guests accepted the invitation to the Braunschweig restaurant LaCupola. Read now

DMSB graduates present their projects

After a two-year break caused by Covid, the annual presentation of projects by the DMSB graduating class of 2021/2022 took place for the first time again in front of an interested, in-person audience or as a hybrid event. Many external guests also attended on site, in addition to first-year DMSB students and the teaching staff; a further 25 spectators followed the event via computer link. Read now

Start of the semester at the DMSB

Every year, the first few weeks at the DMSB are all about getting to know each other: the school, the city and everyone involved in the course. Team-building is particularly important here. New knowledge and proficiencies as well as acquired skills can be better absorbed and applied in a good teaching-learning environment. The DMSB team… Read now

New lecturers at the Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig (DMSB)

New lecturers are joining the teaching team at the Deutsche Müllerschule Braunschweig (DMSB) and are helping to implement the new framework guidelines for two-year technical college courses. These focus more strongly on modular learning and standardized qualifications. Several new lecturers are starting work at the DMSB at the beginning of the current semester. The enlargement… Read now